Bamboo for Conservation of Water catchment

Bamboo for Conservation of Water catchment

Lake Kwania Basin is one of the water resources attributed to Kyoga basin that is heavily affected by climate change. To date the lake has receded by more that 300 meters from the original shoreline, water catchment area degraded, polluted by human generated waste, and heavily infested by the waterweeds. Lake Kwania has also had over fishing as more people affected by climate change depend on fish and other water resource. There is urgent need to save this wonderful water resource for posterity.

The project will plant 3,000 acres of Bambo along lake Kwania and also encourage the community around to plant under the existing contract farming arrangements. It also intends to work with companies that process bamboo into furniture, curtain blinds, and clothes to set up a processing plant. Bamboo forest will conserve the water resource, provide employment and income to the community around and also keep them from depleting or degrading the lake.



CEPA (U) Ltd was recently founded by two partners in 2012.

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